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During this class we will review everything you need to know to pass all of the state insurance exams.


Course Description:

  1. Classroom Instruction and Pre-Testing
  2. Pre-Study Outline
  3. Practice Exams
  4. Silver Key Guarantee*

To qualify for the "Silver Key Guarantee" you must:

  • Complete prestudy outline, including pretests
  • Take and Pass the Exam Simlulator Bonus Questions prior to taking the state exam.  
  • Take the State Exam within 5 days of attending my class
You need at least 2 days to complete the pre-study material, 2-3 hours per day. You can take the State Exam until you pass, However, I will only pay for you to re-take one exam and you must re-take the exam within 10 days of your first test date. 

*If you pass my Final Exam and don’t pass the State Exam, I’ll pay for you to take it again

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